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Harrogate Bird Tables - We have been building premium bird tables right here in Harrogate for many years. We have many happy bird table customers and many happy birds :). Using FSC certified sustainable timber we have an extremely ethical business model. You can be assured your Harrogate Bird Table will be long lasting as all our timber is tanilised. Our bird tables do not require any further treatment. We have a range of bird tables from the popular Dacre Rustic Bird table to the Duchy Premium Bird Table. Each Table has its particular place in your garden from the Dacre Ideal for smaller gardens to The York and Ripley ideal for larger gardens.
The York features hanging feeders making looking after the table easier to manage , simply refil the feeders. The Duchy is very popular featuring perches so branch sitting birds have somewhere to land . There is a bird table for everyone from us here at Harrogate Bird Tables.
Having a bird table is an ideal way to teach your children about nature. A bird table will attract birds to your garden all year round. During the winter months you can help the bird population thrive particularly song birds which have been dwindling in numbers over the years due to changes in the environment.
Modern homes aren't conducive to nesting birds with little access to eaves where the house sparrow used to nest but is now falling in numbers.
Some birds are thriving like the Blue Tit thanks to people like yourselves feeding the birds in the garden . This plentiful supply of food keeps some birds going through the winter.
The song birds are our most colourful garden visitors and it is sad to see some of their number decline. Some chilldren might not even know what a siskin or Greenfinch Look like! Do you know your Dunnock from your Chaffinch?
A bird table brings many birds to your garden and you may see several different birds all visiting.
Bird Tables of course aren't just for feeding birds. They also make an attractive feature in your garden all year round. Whether you choose a Dacre , Summerbridge , Ripley , York , Birstwith or Duchy you will have added a great focal point to your garden.
Harrogate Bird Tables have been making Bird Tables since 2012. Small familly run business selling Bird Tables ethically.We use FSC timber from sustainable sources and we also use reclaimed timber to keep the environmental impact down. Buy your bird tables witha clear conscience and help nature.

Harrogate Bird Tables now use fsc certified packaging to help even more with our ecological footprint.