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Bird Feeders or Bird Table?

Posted on February 25, 2014 at 5:25 PM

It would seem according to google that more people search for Bird Feeders than Bird Tables.

However analysis of my own garden bird feeding equipment reveals that bird seed is consumed in greater quantities from my bird tables than from the hanging bird feeders. Birds are extremely wary and seem to prefer either the hanging bird table or the freestanding bird table allowing all round vision and a quick escape and also easier to reach feed but there is another reason why my bird tables are dined more frequently than my hanging feeders.

Bird tables simply allow more birds to feed at the same time, Given rivalries their due respect of course as no bird wishing to stay in one piece would dare to venture on a bird table at the same time as those 'punchiest' of birds the Blue Tit.

The bird table of course also allows my two resident Wood pigeons (they seem to defy gravity and look as if they could barely break into anything other than a 'fast waddle' let alone actually fly) to feast at will along with the blackbirds , Collared Doves and Robins who also never use the hanging feeders. Some because they are too big and others one wonders if it is because their feet don't adapt to holding the small spigot?

The upshot of this observation is one wonders whether the increasing popularity of buying hanging bird feeders is at the expense of some birds being inadvertently neglected. Ground feeders like the Dunnock perhaps. I know quite unrelated to myself and my business interests that my mother a bird feeder of many years has taken down her hanging bird feeder station and has requested a bird table in its place to complement the other one she already has and is very well frequented.

I also feel that hanging bird feeders are viewed with more suspicion than a bird table and also require more a learning curve for the birds not required when birds simply see feed directly on a platter as it were.

Of course I do like the hanging feeders for their practical qualities. Keeping the feed dry and because they dont get emptied as quickly as a tables means less trips out to top up. But the question here is have the birds suffered because we have deicided to sanitise and simplify the process of feeding the birds?

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