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What is the bird tables contribution to wildlife.

Posted on February 8, 2014 at 7:50 AM

Time for a little reflection about what exactly the impact of my little business has been to wildlife.

I started producing bird tables just over a year ago when faced with unemployment. fearing a hostile labour market I decided to make a website and utilise my garage to produce bird tables. I did this after speaking with a garden centre owner who's answer to 'what keeps you going through the winter?' was 'bird seed' . sevon tons a month to be exact. So there I saw an opening to create an allied trade.

But what positive contribution do they actually make to wild birds?

Recent reporting stated that Bullfinch numbers had increased in populated areas and that numbers were up due to the probable effect of homeowners feeding birds. Wild bird food has now made prime time advertising on TV.

Lets do some sums... My birdtable is visited by around twenty birds regularly that I recognise as frequent visitors. Those being a pair of Wood pigeons, a Pair of Collared Doves , a Pair of Bullfinches , A seperate Male Bullfinch , A Robin , Two pairs of Blackbirds , Two male Blue Tits , a pair of Chaffinches , a Wren , a Coal Tit. a Great Tit and a Tree Sparrow. There are also other visitors who may just be passing but the reguars as above number twenty. I have delivered over a thousand bird Tables in the last year so a conservative estimate would be 20,000 wild birds are currently being supported by food supplied via Birdtables I have made. If we look forward a year and assume a growth similar to the last years it will be barely three years before 100,000 birds are feeding from my bird tables.

Which is kind of pleasing is it not?

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