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The dreaded 'Christmas Present' and why we have the answer..

Posted on November 6, 2013 at 5:00 AM

Ok here is something to think about before you take part in that DANGEROUS GAME of buying someone a Christmas Present.

What are your usual choices? Would it be something like this? :|??

  • Card with money?
  • Voucher? 
  • Chocolates?
  • Wine?
  • Clothes?

      If it is then think again . . quickly . .

  1. CARD WITH MONEY - usually late says you can't be bothered 
  2. VOUCHER-  says you can't be bothered too but worse its exactly what you will get back when its your turn for a 'gift'
  3. CHOCOLATES - Will have to be 'shared' under duress by the recipient and will be gone in a flash and they won't even get their favourite just a 'favourite shaped hole' left behind by someone else.
  4. WINE - Are you kidding? One false move and you will be instantly branded a 'pleb' or a 'snob'.
  5. CLOTHES - Will be taken back where your recipient will discover you got them cheap in a sale . . .You want to risk that? 


  • 70% of our birdtables are bought as a GIFT
  • Birthdays - retirements - Mothers day - Fathers day or even just for friends , oh yes and especially for XMAS


  1. They aren't gone in a flash but last for years
  2. They show you have put in some thought
  3. They give people a social purpose
  4. They help our dwindling songbirds to survive all year round
  5. They brighten the gardens simply as ornaments 
  6. They REFLECT well on YOU as a person .

So there is some food for thought as you decide what to get this Christmas.

You will be helping these little fellows as well as giving a gift.

Enough of the tittle tattle here's some pictures to look at.

york premium bird feeder tableripley premium bird tablelarge cream trug with gladiolitrug as a fruit bowlpremium trug gift set


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