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Attract Birds to your garden this winter

Posted on October 6, 2016 at 3:00 AM Comments comments (20)

Attract birds to your garden this winter

1. Buy a bird tables

2. Keep it topped up with feed

3. Hang some feeders

4. Keep them clean

5. fix those fence holes keep out the cats

How to make a free bird feeder!

Posted on March 12, 2014 at 11:30 AM Comments comments (1)

Ok so maybe it's not totally free because you have to drink some lucozade first from one of the handy smaller bottles.

Why lucozade? That's because the bottle is not printed so the design comes off as a 'plastic sleeve' leaving a lovely clean bottle behind with no paper or glue still stuck to it. It's also slightly more elegant than some bottles and looks a bit better than a huge 'coke' or 'fanta' bottle which would probably look more like the wind had blown rubbish into your trees.

FIRST   Drill two small holes opposite each other near the top of the bottle. This is where you will thread your string to hang the 'feeder'

THEN Drill two larger holes about 6mm opposite each other as near to the bottom of the bottle as you can. This is where you will thread through a random twig later to act as a perch for the birds.

FINALLY Cut a 'tongue' or almost circular flap about 1-2cm above where your 'perch twig' will be. leave about 2-3cms uncut at the top. When you push this flap into the bottle its shape will keep it open as it catches the inside of the bottle.

FINALLY FINALLY  (ok so I made a small mistake with the last heading.... Just fill with seed and hang.   JOB DONE 5 minutes.

Pictures speak a thousand words so have a look at these.. oh and spread the word. . .  There just like Blue Peter all over again.... next week  a WORKING NUCLEAR REACTOR from a stale loaf and some sticky backed plastic.:)

Bird Feeders or Bird Table?

Posted on February 25, 2014 at 5:25 PM Comments comments (0)

It would seem according to google that more people search for Bird Feeders than Bird Tables.

However analysis of my own garden bird feeding equipment reveals that bird seed is consumed in greater quantities from my bird tables than from the hanging bird feeders. Birds are extremely wary and seem to prefer either the hanging bird table or the freestanding bird table allowing all round vision and a quick escape and also easier to reach feed but there is another reason why my bird tables are dined more frequently than my hanging feeders.

Bird tables simply allow more birds to feed at the same time, Given rivalries their due respect of course as no bird wishing to stay in one piece would dare to venture on a bird table at the same time as those 'punchiest' of birds the Blue Tit.

The bird table of course also allows my two resident Wood pigeons (they seem to defy gravity and look as if they could barely break into anything other than a 'fast waddle' let alone actually fly) to feast at will along with the blackbirds , Collared Doves and Robins who also never use the hanging feeders. Some because they are too big and others one wonders if it is because their feet don't adapt to holding the small spigot?

The upshot of this observation is one wonders whether the increasing popularity of buying hanging bird feeders is at the expense of some birds being inadvertently neglected. Ground feeders like the Dunnock perhaps. I know quite unrelated to myself and my business interests that my mother a bird feeder of many years has taken down her hanging bird feeder station and has requested a bird table in its place to complement the other one she already has and is very well frequented.

I also feel that hanging bird feeders are viewed with more suspicion than a bird table and also require more a learning curve for the birds not required when birds simply see feed directly on a platter as it were.

Of course I do like the hanging feeders for their practical qualities. Keeping the feed dry and because they dont get emptied as quickly as a tables means less trips out to top up. But the question here is have the birds suffered because we have deicided to sanitise and simplify the process of feeding the birds?

Vote in my poll!

What is the bird tables contribution to wildlife.

Posted on February 8, 2014 at 7:50 AM Comments comments (1)

Time for a little reflection about what exactly the impact of my little business has been to wildlife.

I started producing bird tables just over a year ago when faced with unemployment. fearing a hostile labour market I decided to make a website and utilise my garage to produce bird tables. I did this after speaking with a garden centre owner who's answer to 'what keeps you going through the winter?' was 'bird seed' . sevon tons a month to be exact. So there I saw an opening to create an allied trade.

But what positive contribution do they actually make to wild birds?

Recent reporting stated that Bullfinch numbers had increased in populated areas and that numbers were up due to the probable effect of homeowners feeding birds. Wild bird food has now made prime time advertising on TV.

Lets do some sums... My birdtable is visited by around twenty birds regularly that I recognise as frequent visitors. Those being a pair of Wood pigeons, a Pair of Collared Doves , a Pair of Bullfinches , A seperate Male Bullfinch , A Robin , Two pairs of Blackbirds , Two male Blue Tits , a pair of Chaffinches , a Wren , a Coal Tit. a Great Tit and a Tree Sparrow. There are also other visitors who may just be passing but the reguars as above number twenty. I have delivered over a thousand bird Tables in the last year so a conservative estimate would be 20,000 wild birds are currently being supported by food supplied via Birdtables I have made. If we look forward a year and assume a growth similar to the last years it will be barely three years before 100,000 birds are feeding from my bird tables.

Which is kind of pleasing is it not?

The new season has started - First match report

Posted on February 2, 2014 at 7:20 AM Comments comments (0)

So last weekend was the official RSPB Garden Birdwatch where we could report sightings of birds in our gardens to establish trends in the wildlife population . . except like Wimbledon before the cover over the centrecourt or Cricket on a cloudy day the event was at least in my garden largely 'rained off'. Which is a shame because fast forward a week to today and my garden is full of birds battling to reach the seed on my bird tables. Obviously as a producer of bird tables I have my prototypes in use in my own garden to ensure they 1-last 2-dont blow over and most importantly 3- attract birds. Obviously I am pleased to report success in all categories but relating to last weeks rained off event this week by comparison is like the January Sales on Oxford Street.

Spending the lions share of time on my bird tables was a rather splendid Chaffinch. My actual favourite visitor a resplendent rouge pink cloured Bullfinch made his presence noted but sadly was bullied away by a rather lively but tiny Blue tit. Visitations were made by a Robin , some Blackbirds and comically a Woodpigeon who I seriously thought I would have to rescue from my hanging bird table so snuggly did he seem within. Food wise I use a mix of sunflower hearts and a general wild bird seed which I mix 50/50 to keep costs down. This seems popular with all the birds. I do have a hanging feeder which I put black sunflower seeds in as the Blue Tits really seem to like these. So after a quiet weekend last weekend normal service has been resumed.

Today visitors  so far Chaffinches-Bullfinches-Blue Tits-Robins-Blackbirds-Woodpigeons , notable absentees seen recently on my tables are sme Great Tits and Coal Tits. Not viviting my tables but scrubbing around the lawn as usual were a Dunnock and some more Blackbirds. waiting for the first Starlings to come yet though. See here for the sights and sounds of the visitors to your bird tables...

Todays winning fat bellied seed eater on my table was . . .

Most ethical business model ever?

Posted on December 16, 2013 at 5:10 PM Comments comments (1)

I started to think about the business I was in and realised that it was probably the MOST ETHICAL Business model that could ever be designed.

Why? Lets look at it in its simplest form. You design products , offer them for sale at a stated price. People buy them and are happy with the service ,product and price.

So far so good and already leagues ahead of the finance industry and the NHS in terms of honesty and accountability , but then it gets even better,

The timber used is from certified sources meaning the forests are managed and replenished.

The end product helps feed wildlife throughout the year adding a huge benefit to the sustanability of British Wild birds both in allowing the birds to eat fully but also in safety from predators.

You then get to the issue of user enjoyment and the pleasure of seeing wild birds up close.

In fact I cannot see a single non ethical angle to my business.

I pay my suppliers their stated prices for their products so nowhere in the chain of my business processes is anyone working against their better judgement or feeling put upon or used.

Smiles all round then.

The dreaded 'Christmas Present' and why we have the answer..

Posted on November 6, 2013 at 5:00 AM Comments comments (0)

Ok here is something to think about before you take part in that DANGEROUS GAME of buying someone a Christmas Present.

What are your usual choices? Would it be something like this? :|??

  • Card with money?
  • Voucher? 
  • Chocolates?
  • Wine?
  • Clothes?

      If it is then think again . . quickly . .

  1. CARD WITH MONEY - usually late says you can't be bothered 
  2. VOUCHER-  says you can't be bothered too but worse its exactly what you will get back when its your turn for a 'gift'
  3. CHOCOLATES - Will have to be 'shared' under duress by the recipient and will be gone in a flash and they won't even get their favourite just a 'favourite shaped hole' left behind by someone else.
  4. WINE - Are you kidding? One false move and you will be instantly branded a 'pleb' or a 'snob'.
  5. CLOTHES - Will be taken back where your recipient will discover you got them cheap in a sale . . .You want to risk that? 


  • 70% of our birdtables are bought as a GIFT
  • Birthdays - retirements - Mothers day - Fathers day or even just for friends , oh yes and especially for XMAS


  1. They aren't gone in a flash but last for years
  2. They show you have put in some thought
  3. They give people a social purpose
  4. They help our dwindling songbirds to survive all year round
  5. They brighten the gardens simply as ornaments 
  6. They REFLECT well on YOU as a person .

So there is some food for thought as you decide what to get this Christmas.

You will be helping these little fellows as well as giving a gift.

Enough of the tittle tattle here's some pictures to look at.

york premium bird feeder tableripley premium bird tablelarge cream trug with gladiolitrug as a fruit bowlpremium trug gift set


Bird tables and prints of Bullfinches...

Posted on October 2, 2013 at 7:20 AM Comments comments (0)

Drew this little chap the other day and everyone loves him - not just bird tables but bird art and yorkshire prints now available on this little site http://folksy.com/items/4541431-Bullfinch-Print

pop over and have a look

Bullfinch Print

Artist signed Blue Tit Oil Pastel print of a Blue TIT

Posted on September 12, 2013 at 3:25 PM Comments comments (0)

Thought I would do a little drawing of a Blue Tit, used to be an artist years ago but gave it up for paid work. It seems I didn't quite lose all my skills. maybe I should do signed A4 prints of bird drawings . .  what do you think?

Luxury Garden tool and Trug set from Harrogate Birdtables

Posted on August 26, 2013 at 3:50 AM Comments comments (0)

Always like to blog any new significant product launches. The trugs have been on the site a couple of weeks now but because we are approaching Christmas the need for a gift package launch seems perfect and what better than one of our handmade , handpainted trugs with the best gardening tools available making a premium gift offering that will last not just for xmas day but will be used for many years to come. The tools selected are stainless steel so no rusting or bending of the trowel or damage to the fork tines. Finishing off with Ash handles and leather straps here is a gift that matches any quality demands by being the best you can actually get. it's a lifetime gift for someone you love. available with mens or ladies gardening gloves.:D


no hiding behind tiny web pictures - proud to show the customer exactly what they are getting.